X:MEN: The RP…

“What is it??”

X:Men: The RP is just that… it’s a role play. A text based role play, centered entirely on the X-Men Universe. This RP is designed for the text based role player, those from back in the MSN days, all the way to current. X-MEN currently runs on OA in the role play section.

This role play mixed various X-Men timelines, story-lines, and histories, to create a unique hybrid comic book-esque role play experience.

We want to keep things simple, fast paced, and fun.

As for a little back story, the creator of the RP, and blog, has been an on and off again RPer since early in the 00’s. From X-Men Unlimited, to various other RPs. This particular RP is designed for both the X-Men fan, and the X-Men RPer, with a history of X-Men related role play on MSN and OA, being as there aren’t many such RP’s left anymore. As quite frankly, most of us don’t have the time to spare anymore, and when we do find a room; it’s usually filled with cliques, and such, that we can’t even really RP with what little time we do have. Thus further killing the cyber medium, chat based, RP art form.

That is not to be the case here.

This is to be a FUN centered, Action, and comic-esque Role Play.

— Writer X


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