“…Ummm, frequently asked questions dude.” – JUBILEE

When does it take place? – 2022, a time when mutant relations with mankind have reached an all new critical low. A time that much resembles the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT of the mid to late 50’s, throughout the 60’s. Not even the Avengers are on good terms with the X-Men. There are new martyrs on both sides every day. The situation is starting to reach a critical climax. Even the X-Men are divided on how to deal with the situation. Something has to give.

Where are the X-Men? – Currently based at the newly constructed Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, in Westchester, New York. “That’s upstate guys.”

Who’s in Charge? – Charles Xavier has recently returned, and though currently in a weakened state; he’s in charge. He has appointed 4 headmasters, along with himself, to run unique aspects of the X-Men. Namely; CYCLOPS, STORM, LOGAN, and KITTY PRYDE.

— Writer X