“Everybody has gotta play by the rules, darling.” – Emma Frost
OOC (Out of character):
  • You must be CIVIL. If not civil, then SILENT. You’re not entitled to be a jerk, and if you are, or act like one, you’ll get a time out, or banned if you can’t keep a positive RP attitude. If you routinely come in with a bad attitude, maybe you need to change hobbies or come in when you are feeling better.
  • No CRUDE or Sexual humor. No sex jokes. No sex stories. No overtly crude and sexual remarks. No sexual bullying. (This one could get you banned.)
  • No religious bashing, bullying. No ANTI-Christian, ANTI-GOD comments. No religious mockery will be tolerated. “Like, at all dudes.”
  • NO open sex. It’s one thing to be romantic. But if it’s getting serious or overtly sexual, take it elsewhere. Also, keep your sexuality to yourself. This is not a sexually themed RP. Not hetero, homo, or otherwise.
  • No Bullying. Don’t bully. Simple.
  • No Kills.
  • Be Polite.
  • No OOC chatter during RP.
  • Don’t put down on RPers of a lower skill level.
  • Be respectful to Moderators.
IC (In Character)
  • Canon (Main) characters require audition and approval.
  • No character doubles.
  • No furries. (Besides Beast, Wolfsbane, etc.)
  • No god characters.
  • No unapproved alternate universe characters.
  • No non MARVEL characters.
  • Only approved, limited, Non X-Men characters. (This is an X-Men RP.)
  • Only approved students, and staff are allowed on campus grounds. Outsiders may RP in District X, or Genoshia, or wherever, provided it is off campus grounds.
  • No unapproved damage to Xavier’s Institute, the X district, your surrounding area, etc. (You can’t just go around blowing stuff up to get attention.)
  • No senseless killing, etc. “Be cool dudes. Be cool.”
And any more as we see the need…